Inca Road Studios

Recording. Mixing. Rehearsal Space.

We exclusively only record and mix here at Inca Road, with a studio run by musicians for musicians who know what it's like to be sitting on the other side of the glass. You can be guaranteed that we can help you bring out your potential and nurture your creativity at every stage of your recording.

Really great facility run by an absolute gentleman. This place is seriously kitted out and it’s only just opened. A diamond in the rough that is Lisburn.
— Adam Sasha Weston
I have used Inca Road Studios as a rehearsal space and recently to record our working band Blue Remedy. The studio is a professional space laid out with high quality gear from drums through to the amps and PA and is exceptionally well run by Ashley. As a recording studio I can not recommend it highly enough! Ashley took his time in setting up the studio for us to record and didn’t rush the recording session either allowing us to take our time to ensure we were very happy with the final recordings of the songs. This studio is well worth checking out and getting down for a rehearsal and recording sessions.
— David Breen
Excellent rehearsal space. Nice sounding room and a great selection of gear to match. Plus Ashley is a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended!
— John Wilson

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Inca Road Studios, a recording studio, mixing & rehearsal space based in Lisburn Northern Ireland, we aim to provide a professional and knowledgeable recording experience. We provide high end equipment to give you the best possible sound in a relaxing environment.

 We know that the vibe is crucial for the practice and recording experience to bring out your creative potential, so we have fitted our live room with the best of materials and musical equipment to let you get on with what you do best.

Our live room also couples as rehearsal space for you and your band to rehearse in a relaxing environment.


Fantastic space, great location and easiest load in. Fantastic back line we first used as a practice space but so impressed by Ashley’s professionalism and can do attitude we used the studio to record both audio and video. Couldn’t recommend more highly!!!!
— Jason Gordon
Great professional studio with a great professional sound engineer who doesn’t mind going the extra mile. I would recommend this place to anyone.
— Philly V Allday
Gorgeous atmosphere, really gets you in the right moos. Great back line. Nothing not to recommend. Studio setup looks good as well, loads of the right gear.

Just a great vibe, easy to get to, sets the mood.
— Stuart Lunn
Fantastic facility. The recording room sounds amazing. Great drumkit, top flight amps, great vocal mics and PA and Ashley is a great guy to work with. Highly recommended.
— Derek Lockhart


Great studio, great atmosphere, great vibe, me and the bais love coming here every week and getting to play in a lovely studio/jam space. With the top notch amps/equipment/drums your guaranteed a awesome jam session or a well produced single or album. Tutoring also gets done here in a professional chilled way so if you wanna start to jam and learn this is the place for you.
— Jonny Gault
Rehearsed and recorded with Ashley in Inca Road Studios. Great set up and equipment and Ashley is a great cool dude. Having used Inca we wouldn’t use anywhere else.....give him a try and you’ll see for yourself. Highly recommended!
— Laurence Dugan
Beautiful room, top or the range equipment, great sound. 5/5.
— Zach Trouton
Excellent vibe. Cool room.. Kitted out well - lighting & decor make for creative ambience. Used for practice & location for music video.. !
— Kris Marsden