Thinking about learning to play drums?

Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play music, to play with people, for others to listen to listen to, that’s something else. That’s a whole other world!
— Tony Williams

We recognise that every student has their own goals and ambitions – whether it’s aspiring to be a session drummer or simply wanting to play along with backing tracks at home, we tailor the lessons to suit you. From beginner right up to advanced level we can help you reach your musical goals!

Session plans range widely and include – beat building, rudiments/technical exercises, to click/metronome work, independence, composition, ear/aural training, soloing, time signature exploration, modulations, synchronicity, and much more – we’re just scratching the surface here! We’ll even look at how to build your own drum beats.

For students interested in exams, we teach mainly through the RSL Awards/Rockschool syllabus, which gives you the opportunity to achieve a grade 8 level (with additional UCAS points). We know the syllabus like the back of our hands – and you will too before the exam day!

However, exams are only half the story; no student is pressured to take exams and many can progress more positively without.